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    I’m not sure if this is how it’s showing up when others view it, but my blog pages look weird, misaligned, and kind of cut up at the top the last couple of days. I don’t know if this is something I’ve done, or if it’s Ann Coulter’s ghost haunting my page (since I wrote something about her recently). Any ideas on what may have happened? Thanks.



    it looks okay to me in Firefox on a Mac, but you have some seriously image-heavy posts loading that take a long time.

    Also, two of your posts have images that are too wide:



    {wave to judy}
    (1) image sizes

    (2) reducing number of posts on front page -> Options -> Reading
    Blog Pages
    Show at most:___posts click “Update Options” to save changes

    (3) checking how blog looks in all browsers

    (4) html validation



    Some of the images I’m seeing are distorted. It’s like the width and height dimensions are incorrectly defined. If I open the image in a separate window, it looks OK.


    How did you size your images? Did you do it prior to uploading them, or did you size them using the handles on the images after inserting them into the post? If you did it after inserting them, always use a corner handle to resize them as that will retain the proportions and keep them from being distorted.

    If you are sizing them in an image editing program prior to uploading, then make sure that that the program is set to resize them proportionally. If the program you are using has the handles at the corners, you might have to hold down the shift key while resizing (using a corner handle) so that again, the proportions are maintained.

    Ann Coulter’s ghost is always a possibility though. ;-) (Off topic: BTW I love the addition of the mustache)


    Thank you for all of the imput here. I went to the images that judy said were too big, and I resized. I also went back and optimized them. But, grrrrrr…no, sacred path, I didn’t use a corner handle, I just sort of smooshed them until they fit right. Does this mean I’m going to have to go back and resize/optimize all of my two hundred million pictures? Actually I wasn’t having a problem with any of this until I bought more storage space.

    I appreciate everyone’s help.

    (I thought the moustache was a nice addition too)



    Your pages are really graphic intensive. If you have a lot of images, like the million dollar bill on one of your posts, where you are only showing the image at what is a thumbnail size, it will save you both storage space and bandwidth if you resize it even before you upload it.

    (Don’t get me started on AC!)

    PS I know that on we are not charged for bandwidth, but your site visitors will benefit from the faster loading images. Not everyone is on a T1 connection. :->


    So, Jennifer, would the best thing to do be to go back, edit, resize everything, optimize and repost? I’d hate to have to do that because of the time involved. It’ll break some links too, but I’ll do it if it will fix this. My pages are still looking messed up on this end of things, and I imagine you’re still seeing distortion.



    Do it for the things which show on your front page currently at the very least. See how the blog works then.



    the first thing i would do to get my front page loading quicker is to set the number of posts shown to a lower number (i find 5 is pretty good).

    Go to Dashboard->Options->Reading, and you will see the “show at most ___ posts” under “Blog Pages”


    I did that, raincoaster, but it still looks weird. On top of every page, it looks as though there’s a rip through the title and tags. Very strange. Judy, I did as you suggested, and it still looks odd from this end of things.


    I don’t know if this sheds any light, but I noticed that there was all of this weird spacing going on in my recent posts as well (near my pictures). I looked at the code (which I know nothing about) and was able to see that there were a lot of extra lines being inserted for some reason. When I removed them, it corrected this. Could the two issues be related? I truly wasn’t having any problems until that heavy picture post (“Happiness in the Hood”).

    Thanks again for all of this help.



    the visual editor leaves odd bits of code lying around when you manipulate or move images within a post; it could very well be the source of the problem. If you have any more image-heavy posts in the future, take a quick look at the code view before you publish.

    Everything looks great; i would have been back sooner to say so, but i got sucked in to reading your blog :-)


    It still looks weird to me; I’m wondering if it’s not something I’ve done to my template. I experimented and changed to Chaotic Soul just to see if the ripped page thing still appeared and it didn’t; when I changed back to dusk, the rip is still there.

    Getting sidetracked reading my blog is perfectly okay!


    I’ve optimized, resized, and gelatinized my recent pictures. Also changed the numbers of comments showing, as Judy suggested. The template still looks really strange– torn in the top middle and jagged on the edges at the top left. Should I be worrying about this, or should I assume it’s okay and go back to my regularly scheduled programming?



    i don’t see anything wrong with the template at all. What browser, browser version, and OS are you using? Have you cleared your cache & cookies?


    I think this issue’s been resolved. My pages all look fine now. Thanks again for all of the suggestions!

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