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My 'pages' menu moved

  1. It used to be on the right, now it's way at the bottom. How do I get it back to where it was??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please, someone. How do I fix this? I added a new page and when I published it, he entire side menu moved from the right of the posts down to the bottom. I want to move the menu back where it was.

  3. I tried fixiing it and now my entire menu is gone. My blog is useless without that menu on the right where it should be, and now it's not visible at all. I'm using chaotic Soul.

    Someone help please.


  4. Okay, I got the menu to reappear, but it's still at the bottom, and I really need it to the right, like the theme shows.


  5. Nobody?

  6. Posting more than one thread is unnecessary. I answered you here i minute ago

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