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My paid domain is not showing in dashboard and more

  1. I paid for a domain, and it said it would use the same site I spent days creating. My old WordPress address shows in dashboard, but with the wrong theme. It is so messed up. My new URL site is not listed under my dashboard, or under domain. I can't even log into it from the web. I keep it private for now until I am done with it.. I don't know what to do, or who to talk to. I am tearing my hair out. They said I would keep my site I already created and the new URL would be an extension of the WordPress URL. It doesn't appear to be the case. I know it's active, because I logged into it form my iPad. Did I lose all my work? Who do I talk to ? What a nightmare.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help until we can get the trail straight.

    What is the original URL of your blog?

    What is the new domain name?

  3. is a blog that is private, so we won't be able to offer much advice there.

    But the original, long, URL ALWAYS shows on the dashboard. Always. You cannot change that. But since you're the only one that sees it, it doesn't make as much of a difference as the public one.

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