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My photobucket links no longer show images, just links.

  1. traditionalskills

    My photobucket links no longer show images, just links. I have been just putting in the link url and have had the image show in my posts for the past two years. Now all of the images just show a link instead of an image. This is for all of my old posts as well.

    Please help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This happens when you've reached your bandwidth limit. Have you checked iwth them to make sure you're okay?

  3. traditionalskills

    Thanks for the reply. It is not a bandwidth problem as I pay for unlimited bandwidth from them. It seems to be something on the WordPress side.

  4. Please give us a link to a post where this is happening.

  5. traditionalskills

    If you go to my blog you can see the issue will all my old posts. The links are there but it no longer shows the images, just the link that is clickable that goes to photobucket. The first post on the home page did not use photobucket links, I uploaded those pictures to WordPress.


  6. Give me a direct link. I'm not going to scroll through your blog till I come across one you consider "old."

  7. palatablepastime

    You will need to edit your page and open it on the text side. Then you will need to add html image tags to each end of your photo's url and that should fix it right up.

  8. palatablepastime

    Left arrow/img/space/src/=/"/photo url/"/right arrow

  9. traditionalskills

    Not sure what happened, but today things are working again. I did not do anything so I am not sure what was happening. Maybe some WordPress glitch or something.

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