My photos are appearing blurry

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    I can’t figure out why my photos are appearing blurry. I imported posts from another blog, and all of the those photos are perfectly sharp. Any new post I make to the blog, the photos are fuzzy until I click on the photo, which brings it up nice and clear. Help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Give us a link to a post where this is happening please.


    In this post, Planting Pumpkins, the image you have uploaded is 600px wide. The width of the post content area is 584px wide. Anytime that wordpress resizes a photo for display in the post area (in this case from 600 down to 584) there is going to be a loss in quality. The photo resizing stuff in wordpress is NOT like photoshop or other dedicated image editing programs.

    If you want the highest image quality, upload two images. One the exact size needed for the posting area (584px) and then one larger for when someone clicks on the image and then link the one in the post to the full-sized image.



    Thanks for the tips!

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