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my photos don't appear in the blog

  1. I've been happily speckling my blog posts with photos, but lately I've been having a problem I haven't encountered before. I have attempted to add photos to a few posts but they are not appearing on the blog--on the final product. I assume this has something to do with the fact that I recently ran out of space and purchased another gig of memory.

  2. IMO you should send staff a feedback including the details of your problem.

  3. Let's try helping with the issue first. We need to stop sending everybody to feedback right away. If we direct everybody to the feedback, then what's the point of the forums.

    Can you point to a couple of posts where the images are not showing up please? That way we can see what is occuring. (Even if you sent feedback, that's what they're going to ask so lets handle that now.)

  4. Might it be this issue? I came up with a solution that worked:


    on this page, the post "may 12" doesn't show its photos.
    but when I click on it, the photos do show up.

    same for the post "May 13, 14, 15"

  6. This is why we ask for an example. :)

    That's the search page. Images normally don't show on the search page. It's how wordpress themes are usually designed.

  7. what a dork I am!

  8. Not a problem. :)

    I gotta admit it's one of the things I don't like about most wordpress themes that I see. The categories and archive pages will display stuff one way while the search pages does it another.

  9. I like that the search pages don't display images, but it was confusing at first. It's faster to search this way.

  10. It encourages visitors to click through into the posts as well but, as this thread shows, it leads to confusion as it's usually the one time that they don't show up. That and what if you're searching for the images.

  11. Yep, not tremendously informative if your blog is full of YouTubes either, as I discovered. It's one of the reasons I generally put a sentence or two in there now.

    But you'd think that local tag pages would work the same way. Global tag pages and Top Posts do.

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