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My photos don't appear in the emailed blog

  1. tinatinajohnson

    The email that alerts my viewers to a new post shows only text. All the photos I carefully put in are gone! Right at the bottom in tiny print I find 'Some media is not displayed in this email and must be viewed on the website,' but no one's going to read that or bother to checkout the website having got to the bottom of a long post.
    What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Some email clients display images and videos and some do not. In those that do, the settings are under the control of the receiver of the email.

  3. tinatinajohnson

    Thank you so much. I send new posts to myself so I checked and there was nothing to indicate I had an option to display the post better, but when I clicked on the starry square symbol where I guess a gravatar would be displayed if I had one (I only use a blavatar and it doesnt get displayed) then I was instantly taken to the blog, fully displayed with spacing and photos as I had made it. I shall now have to tell all my viewers to do this, which doesnt seem very user-friendly to either me or them.
    But thank you for untangling yet another WordPress mystery.

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