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My photos don't work?!?!

  1. Hey everyone, I have only recently (last week officially) converted to using and it rocks. Anyway I just received an email saying none of my photos loaded. This guy says he tried on both his home and work computer and...nothing! Seems to work ok on my computer. So what's going on?
    Many thanks in advance for your help. Rhys

  2. Your photos are on blogger. They do not allow hotlinking which is where other sites not on blogger to use them. You have to transfer them over to your space and relink them.

  3. Ummm, thanks i think. I should've mentioned I host my photos on Blogger. I have more than 120 photos up now, do I really have to transfer all of them over?

    Out of interest, how many people can actually see the pics on my site? And how many of you can't? Cheers

  4. Yes, you do have to transfer them. If you want to save trouble, you may want to use a free photo hosting site like flickr that allows hotlinking. does but that may not always be the case and you may deside to move again.

  5. Yes, I have a firefox browser and I can see them. They are large and the pages they are on take a long time to load. Think of the time and expense involved for folks with dial up service. Free offsite hosting at flickr or photobucket or whatever and thumbnail sized photos linked to the originals off site sure sounds like a good idea to me too. :)

  6. I can't see them on this page. A quick scan shows them to be on blogger's servers.

  7. Thanks everyone for your help. I'll get started on transferring the pics soon. Hmmm sounds boring!

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