My pics are STILL randomly disappearing

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    I had a thread going on here last night and now it’s gone. AS ARE my pics on my site, randomly. Sometimes some are there, sometimes some others are there, but they are NEVER all there any more. They USED to be all there.

    I’ve tried different browsers, ie, FireFox, IE. I’ve tried putting more posts per page. I’ve tried fewer posts per page. I’ve tried re-uploading images. I’ve re-sized down my images. I’ve talked to 4 people on here last night and none of them could tell me that it was an issue with what I was doing.

    Please help. This is really getting ridiculous now. My blog is now worthless.

    If this were happening to cheeseburger site… well, I’ll just bet it wouldn’t.

    Please help me??




    I see pictures on each post on the front page on browsers Firefox and IE&. They usually say clear cookies, history, and cache. Don’t put more posts per page because that will make the pictures load slower.


    IE 7 I meant to write.


    I see all of the pictures (FF on Vista), provided I let the page finish loading (front page, previous posts, in a couple of posts, and on the poetry page). I’ll occasionally see a placeholder while scrolling around, but only while the page is still loading.



    As I said, I have tried all various numbers of posts per page simply TO address this.

    No, the pics are NOT all there.

    Look at front page.
    Scroll to bottom.
    Click on ‘Previous Entries’.
    Look at that page.
    Scroll down.
    Pics are missing.
    In IE7 AND Firefox

    Trust me, I have exhausted all tries to blame myself.
    It is not me, my settings, my browsers, my computer, my pics.

    It’s the blog site.



    I sent this to support.
    The first 5 pics are there.
    I am looking at this page RIGHT NOW.
    The rest are NOT there.

    See my last post above, with procedure steps.

    Try that.



    Okay, yeah the second page doesn’t have many pictures at all.

    I’m not support, so I don’t know. Maybe someone else can help soon. Are the pictures still in your Media Library on your dashboard?



    Rather than posting again about the same problem in the user forum, perhaps it’s time to contact support?

    I mentioned to you earlier today in this thread,
    that what you are reporting is what I’m seeing too.

    Hope you get it worked out satisfactorily.



    Thank you justjennifer!! Yeah, I was looking for our post from last night. Thank you for posting it.

    I have contacted support. I’m covering all bases because I don’t know who to turn to.

    Thank you for responding.


    I’m not sure I understand what’s not there. I just followed that exact sequence – again. Scrolled all the way through the previous entries page, to the bottom. Waited for the page to finish loading (green bar in the bottom right of FF indicates progress while its still loading). No icons showing broken images that failed to load. Am I missing something?

    By the way, your prior thread is not gone. It is at It’s just not in the most recent 30 threads that someone posted to.



    Thank you justjennifer!! Yeah, I was looking for our post from last night. Thank you for posting it.

    I have contacted support. I’m covering all bases because I don’t know who to turn to.

    Thank you for responding.



    There are 5 pics displayed. There should be 11. Depending on how the page decides to display itself, (it’s diff every time), sometimes the huge boxes with the red X are shown where pics SHOULD BE, and sometimes those boxes are NOT shown, which makes it look like a normal post WITHOUT a pic ever meaning to be there. But there IS a pic that’s meant to be there.

    As I said, it’s random on how it shows itself. JustJennifer sees it also. So it’s NOT me.

    Thank you.



    my previous post there is to singularc.


    Ah, that’s what I was missing. :-)

    I just did a view source in FF, and the HTML generated by the wordpress software doesn’t have that many img tags in it. Definitely a question for support.

    Good luck getting it resolved!



    Yeah, that’s what the main problem is. They can’t tell that pic should even BE THERE sometimes b/c the empty doesn’t even show up SOMETIMES!

    I had to cancel a ‘CAPTION THIS PIC’ contest because the pic won’t freaking show up.

    Thanks for looking into it singularc!!



    Nothing to do with the topic, but just a tip for looking for threads you’ve previously posted in. Click on the word “member” next to your username, or even your username at the top of the forums page, and you will be taken to a page with an index of all those topics. (Sometimes that’s the only way I can find where I’ve posted before if I want to follow up on something. )

    You also have the option of making a thread a “favorite” by clicking on the “Add this topic to your favorites” at the top of this page right under the thread title. This is especially useful if you find something you want to find for future use. I routinely fav a topic if there’s good links or info there.

    HTH and hope you get this sorted out.



    Thanks jj and diamond!

    Well, I think the entire thing was my fault. I didn’t know I had to keep pics in gallery to keep them displaying. :( Sooooo I just now replaced them all. !! Hope it’s all fixed now!!

    Thanks to everyone for your patience.

    come visit me now!! lol :D


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