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My pictures don't appear

  1. Every day I post a new painting/drawing to my blog: and all the pictures were displaying fine until a couple days ago. Now just the name of the picture appears. Same thing was happening with my custom header--it was just blank at the top.

    So I deleted my custom header, reduced number of posts showing to 25 from 30 and went through about half of the posts and resaved them (the pictures were there in edit mode but weren't appearing live). Resaving the post made the picture appear on the site again. There's lots more earlier posts I didn't fix.

    What could the problem be? All of the images are under 100k and most are around 60-80k. Help please???

  2. I can see all your paintings on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

  3. If you look at the posts for June 27-July 4, those are the posts that I haven't fixed yet. When I was doing Browse All in the image Uploader, lots of them don't show as pictures, just as filenames there too.

  4. You might want to check your settings in your browser and allow your site to show images cause they are working fine for me here.

  5. From what I can see, all of your pictures show. Here are the ones from June 27 and July 4:

  6. This morning I looked at my blog and lots of posts where I resaved the posts to make the images appear are no longer showing. There are no pictures for everything from July 26 and earlier when I look at it in Mozilla Firefox but when I opened IE they were all there. I looked again in Mozilla and they're gone. Now I'm really confused!

  7. I checked on my other computer and it was working ok so I removed Mozilla Firefox and reinstalled it and now it's working properly.

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