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    Trying to start a network for some of my podcasts. First problem, I don’t know any code but html and cant figure out how to make a nice looking post for the podcasts to all use. I like the way they look at but have no idea how to figure it out. second problem is how do i make blog posts look like blog posts and the podcast posts look different? Custom post formats? and thirdly, how can I run multiple podcasts off of one wordpress installation? I figured I could use categories and just link to each podcasts category, but the problem is, the category page looks pretty crappy and i can’t figure out how to make it not look like a category page. I really hope someone understands what I’m trying to say… hah.



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    Is there a way to make everything categorized as ‘Podcast’ look one way, then all other posts look like a blog post? Then subcategorize them into the show names so Podcast >> My Show Name, then have all the shows in that subcategory go to the My Show Name page? Help pl000xxxx!


    There is no way to control how a post looks by category with CSS. There are no selectors assigned to give that sort of functionality. To do something like that, you would have to be able to “hack” the PHP script files for a theme and we cannot edit the underlying theme files here at


    You know, I shouldn’t say there is not. There are post formats/types that are supported in some themes here, and with enough CSS experience, you could perhaps modify one of those to use for the podcasts.

    I’ve never done anything like that, so do not hold me to the above. It was just one thought.


    This support document has more information on post formats.


    Thanks for the help. I’ll keep trying.


    You are welcome.


    What about in the style sheet, what could i do for “If it’s in this category, apply this style, if not, apply this one.”?


    Nothing. CSS is only a styling document. You cannot run queries or do if-the-else statements or put any sort of HTML or scripting into it. It is simply a list of instructions the browser uses to style and place the elements in the markup (XHTML).

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