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my poll is streached.

  1. take a look at my blog... my poll is severly streached. it is in a text widget.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please refer to my comment on my blog the comment should explain your issue as well as a workaround.

    P.s. you will need to pick the default size "Narrow"

  3. did u look at it...i changed it to narrow. but it still is strached long wise.....

  4. Must be a bug with the theme you're using: I tried it in my tests blog, got the same problem, then switched to two other themes and the poll was ok in both. You can switch to another theme and/or report the problem to wp staff ( ).

  5. Yeah that diffidently looks like a bug I will mark this thread with "ModLook" and see what staff can do for you.

  6. thewhitelilyblog

    I read this post to see what streached meant. I wondered if it's a combination between 'stretched' and 'reached' and the condition described is of a column that is too far extended.

  7. Just to say I've seen this and we're working on the fix :)

  8. This problem should be fixed now.

  9. I'm having the same problem with my blog:

    Any idea how to fix it or if anyone on staff has a solution??

  10. ive been having this problem with my blog for weeks now, somedays its fine, other days its stretched... o_O

  11. Yes I have the same issue using the contempt theme. More worried about the Import wordpress stripping HTML (IMG and style) code problem ...

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