My post didn’t save !

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    Everything was fine yesterday… i wrote a post as usual, hit save and the textbox went blank…. the title was still there… i rewrote and hit Publish, was told My “post has been saved” then went to view site and saw title, tags….no text or pix! Checked Manage Posts and there it was… but its still blank! please help me or tell me this will not happen tomorrow! i have been mostly happy with WP till now…



    I’ve had that happen from time to time. Sometimes the text can still be retrieved by hitting Back *immediately*. Other times, it’s just … gone. Damn technology!

    After it had happened a few times, I tried to get in the habit of doing Select All of the post text before hitting Save.




    yup it happened to me countless times before,all i had to do was select everything and do a copy first before doing any other thing dont wanna enjoy the luxury to rewrite everything again



    I am having the same problem and wish I could help.



    Before you hit Publish, always select all the contents of the Write box, copy all, THEN hit publish. As well, I hit the button when everything is still highlighted. That way if you check and it’s missing, you can just paste it right back in. There was an old glitch where, if you clicked while things were still highlighted, it bypassed the problem entirely. This could be that old glitch coming back, so try this solution. Even if it doesn’t prevent the problem, you’ve got a solution.

    You might also want to use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Ecto or Windows Live Writer, all of which work really well with

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