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    HELP! I just posted a very intricate blog that took me lots of time with photos and descriptions. I clicked publish and it disappeared. It didn’t show up on my blog, and it’s not in my cue of drafts or published posts. Please help. Thank you, Lori

    The blog I need help with is


    If you had saved it at all while typing it, click on the Revisions module in the post editor and you may find your post there. If you can’t see the Revisions module, click the ‘Screen Options’ link at the top fo the Post Editor window.

    Generally it’s not a good idea to type a whole post without clicking on ‘Save’. You should also know that the auto-save only kicks in when you’ve saved for the first time manually. So, best advice is to type one word or character and then save, then continue. Keep saving.

    Also you can compose offline and copy and paste into your post (though be aware that if you do that in Word, you need to use a specific button on the editor to make sure the program’s special formatting is removed).



    Hey There,

    Thanks for the info. I ended up finding it under a date in September! I just clicked ‘publish’ right before I contacted this forum, so I don’t know why it gave the post a September date. I did draft it in September, but I’ve drafted long ago blogs before, posted them later and didn’t have that issue. I guess I’ll have to remember to check the date before posting from now on.

    I have a fear of losing my blogs, so I click save after almost every sentence I type.

    Thanks again,


    An even safer way, if you’re going to compose in the post editor here, is actually to save your posts as private rather than draft as there is an occasional bug here that hits draft posts. (I’ve not experienced it myself, but many others have).



    Oh, I wasn’t aware of this, thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure how to save a post as private. I’m sure I can figure it out. I’ll be able to switch it to public when I publish it, right?


    Yes, you can make it public when you’re ready. This explains the various options:



    I never save any of my posts as private first and have never lost any at all. That’s because I create posts only on my own blogs dashboard at > Posts > All Posts > Ad New and immediately after typing the first paragraph I click ‘save”. The autosave works there. It does not work on the main page of if you create posts here!/post/ However, the developers are aware of the issue and when the next WordPress upgrade is done in December I assume that fix will be included in it.

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