My Post Dissappeared…only shows a link

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    Confused Newbie. Posted an article last night via WordPress on Android, titled “Why I Keep Dating the WRONG Person”. Was certain the actual article posted since received 2 likes, but tonight not so sure since the only see the following link beneath the title…

    Been playing around with Menu/Category/Page options to figure them out? Is it possible that I inadvertently deleted my article when changed or deleted the Menu/Category/Page it was under? Or is it likely the article never posted?

    So Confused…

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s a chin tickler that one.

    If you can edit the post for me and check whether or there is anything under the “Revisions” tab? If so click the earliest revision.


    I did. I must have screwed up pretty bad, b/c earliest revision had same tickler link.

    I notice the article shows listed beneath a menu/category I deleted. Could that be source of my problem?



    It shouldn’t. All posts must have at least one category, but as long as it has one it should be fine.



    Well usually when you delete a category, all the posts in that category are changed to “Uncategorized” automatically so it shouldn’t have had any effect on your post. What’s the URL of the post that shows under the category you deleted?



    1) Edit the post and don’t check the earliest revision only, check all revisions to find the best saved version.

    2) When you delete a category in Posts > Categories, it will disappear from the list of available categories but it cannot disappear by itself from a custom menu you have created: you need to go to Appearance > Menus and remove it manually.


    @ardpete. The url (tickler) under the post is:

    Btw, the Post is titled “Why I keep Dating the WRONG person.”

    @justpi – Once I learned difference between Menu, Category & Pages, I deleted the Menu & Pages…renamed and kept Categories.Could that be part of my problem?

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