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My post doesn't appear in Topics - is this censorship?

  1. Hi,

    I recently made a post but it is nowhere to be found in topics under any of the tags/ categories I used. (And yes I used less than 10 tags/categories)

    The post (including the title) does contain a few words such as 'prostitute' as well as 'sex', 'fantasy', 'role play' etc but it is NOT a pornographic or even 'mature' post, just a bit of social commentary and humour. It would not be too risque to be on the front page of Yahoo for instance.

    I wondered if it was censored automatically due to any specific words?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks! :)

    Here's the post:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone......?

  3. Have you checked the reasons for non-appearance here> Topics > Missing posts If you have an none of those apply then please post into this tactive thread where Staff are dealing with Topics page issues.

  4. As you have posted into that thread now I'll flag this one for closure.

  5. Oh yeah sorry timethief (having my dinner!) I meant to come back and say thanks for replying and I've posted in that other thread :)

  6. Not to worry. :)

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