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My Post doesn't show up in the desinated Tag. Help!

  1. My Post is under "devotions", but when I search in the Tag of "devotions" I don't see mine. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. You are doing nothing wrong. One of the "features" of the tag surfer is that you will never see your own posts. I guess the reasoning is that you know you've written it, you don't need to see it in the tag surfer.


  3. I suppose the OP means they can't see/find their posts in the "Global Tags" pages, as it looks there's actually some issue (crossed out) feature randomly prevents some posts to make it there.

  4. @gorringe
    Please click this link below and look through the other posts on the pages for the date and time that you published your post. Is your post there?

  5. Why don't we let the post give us some specifics instead of having us just make guesses.

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