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My post fubars the SourceCode plug-in

  1. My post at if I change the pre tags to sourcecode tags. I don't know if I have an errant tag somewhere the the sourcecode parser doesn't like, or if my code itself is not being parsed correctly. I do know that the source code parser is having issues with C# generics, and it considers them HTML tags...

  2. See for an example of what happens when I use the sourcecode plug-in.

  3. ermmm..yes..? and the problem is..?
    Looks good to me, apart from some formatting in the ordinary text.

  4. Yes, the formatting in the ordinary text would be the problem : ) It shouldn't be there. Whenever I save my post (using the plain-text editor) with the sourcecode tag in use, removes tags, like the closing tag for an anchor or h4 header tag. Very annoying. The lack of closing tags causes the post to look incorrect. I spent many hours writing this post, and I do not think it should look incorrect at the end of so much time spent : (

  5. Aha! I see - how frustrating...
    Yes, it seems to simply remove your closing header tags.
    What happens if you go back into the post and add the closing h4 tag?
    Do you actually write the whole post in the html-view of the editor?

  6. I wrote the whole post in the HTML view yes. If I re-add the closing tags it simply removes them. Is parsing me off :)

  7. very odd. What it seems to do, assuming you did't slip a little with the tags, is magically making </h4> into </p>

    Such as here:

    <p>...bla bla paragraph here.. Equals method.</p>
    <h4>The Static Equals Method</p>
    <p>The static Equals method is invoked directly from the String class:</p>
  8. what I mean is that unless a bright head pops up with the solution and the reason, I'd suggest you contact staff.

  9. I did run the code through the W3C validator and nada... I'll contact support. Thanks!

  10. akutz - can you identify an exact situation where this happens and post it here?

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