my post is split in three parts

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    i was doing this post on codes.
    please note that the instructions box that comes with this theme has vanished from the post. something like this:
    This entry was posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 at 7:47 am and is filed under code, HTML, blogging, wordpress, internet. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Edit this entry.

    the post actually has two more parts. part appeared as a trackback comment on the blog i was commenting about in MY post mentioned above.
    see the second comment in the blogpost provided below. it was supposed to be in my blogpost mentioned above.

    2. now this is even weirder.
    the other part ended up backstage. and now i can’t see it there. it has vanished.

    i redid the post and
    THIS is how the post should have looked:
    please notice that the part starting from ‘ta ra’ ended up backstage on the post mentioned first. also note that i skipped the remarks (point no 1)thinking i did something wrong while adding a link to that blog. i was addind a link manually bcos, as usual, i can see no icons except ‘visual’ and ‘code’.



    Has this been resolved?



    oops, i am super-late!

    it hasn’t been resolved. i did report it to support though. no solution was provided.

    but i suppose it is ok, i redid the post.

    it would be good to know what kind of black magic caused it though!

    thanks for checking up on it!


    If you use a textarea in your blog, it goes nuts because the editor itself is a textarea. So, once you post it, you cannot edit it. Everything past your textarea will appear as part of the Edit page itself.

    Disabling the Visual editor might resolve the problem. I haven’t tried it as I’ve only used textareas on one post.


    now that i know, i will never atempt to edit such a post again. your diagnosis is extremely helpful, since i am gonna use textareas – lots of them – in the near future.
    ps: it’s good for us ordinary mortals to have a 92% nerdy blogger, who is purposefully trying to retain his nerdiness, lurk in the forum. ;)
    thanks for saving me from a lot of trouble.


    LOL!!!! You’re welcome. :-)



    But how did it come to my blog when you didn’t even place a link to my blog in your post?



    i don’t know! THAT is also why i am here (see point no.1)!

    in fact, i learned that it was a trackback only from the response in your blog. i mean, i didn’t do it knowingly. and i STILL don’t know how to do it, despite my FAQ episodes.


    If you include the address of another blog entry, and under Options -> Discussion you have “Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the article (slows down posting.)” checked, WordPress will automatically do that.


    but i still don’t get it. if i include a blog url in a post and have the needed feature enabled, how does wp automatically trackback it? how will wp know what i want to write in the comment box in the other blog, and also in which post?

    can i trackback a site when not logged in?

    i am sorry for any trouble here.


    Trackbacks aren’t comments in the normal sense. It takes the text from around the link and makes a trackback out of it. It’s basically a preview so someone looking at the other blog can get a small feel for the context of the trackback. This is more obvious when you shorten the link. It knows which post because a trackback is only valid on a blog entry. If you are only linking the blog entry page, or any of the “Pages”, then it’s a standard linkback. You can’t do a trackback when not logged in because trackbacks are only valid for blog entries you write (so if you aren’t logged in, you can’t write an entry).

    Here’s an example of a recent trackback that occurred in a post I wrote. The first paragraph states:

    Another quiz. It’s raincoster’s fault. This time, it tells me what type of person I am based on my pizza preferences.

    “raincoaster” is a link to her blog entry. The trackback that resulted is:

    […] quiz. It’s raincoster’s fault. This time, it tells me what type of person I am based on my pizza […]

    As you can see, it just quotes a small part of your entry surrounding the text. You cannot control how it quotes other than compose your sentences well and use text for the link.

    EDIT: And I just noticed I misspelled her name in the entry! Ack! Gotta fix that!



    > how will wp know what i want to write in the comment box in the other blog, and also in which post?

    it doesn’t know what do you want to write, it just sends a trackback URI and a post permalink URL to the other blog.

    > can i trackback a site when not logged in?

    can you submit a post when not logged in?

    you might want to read a copy of “A Beginner’s Guide to TrackBack. TrackBack Explanation” I saved on my blog.


    @abby and options,
    thanks so much!

    i think i am beginning to get the hang of it. at least it doesn’t seem beyond me anymore!
    i will read option’s entry and if i am still marooned, i will come back.


    i couldn’t locate the entry about trackback in your blog :(
    i searched trackback and ‘no entry was found’.




    nod to timethief — thank you for searching that and posting a link, bro! ;-)

    dear shomoshor,

    I’m sorry you couldn find that entry on my blog using a search form. it’s an unlucky coincedence — the matter is, I forgot to mention this article was posted as a Page and WP doesn’t search in Pages (and Comments), although there’s a link to this page on the sidebar.

    however, it’s good that you’ve run into it and provided me with a feedback: I made a label linking to the Goog Custom Search (which index a whole site) more prominent and changed a title pointing that it also does a search through Pages (was Comments only).

    btw, I know you’re collecting so called “codes” for .com sidebar and GCS is a very *good* one (it’s just a link) so you might want to add it on your sidebar.

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