My post just dissapeard

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    I published a post a few days ago without any problem. Today I added a new post. I wanted to add it to a sub page but mistakenly added it to my home page. In order to move it to the sub page, I copied the HTML out of the original post, created a new post on the sub page, and trashed the old post from the home page. When I moved the old post to the trash, the last post I was working on disappeared.

    It’s not in the trash or anywhere to be found. This is really annoying. It took me 5 hours to write that post.

    Any help?


    The blog I need help with is



    The theme you use MistyLook does provide links to subpages on the bottom of Parent pages. Is this the subpage you are referring to?
    By placing the Pages widget in the sidebar sub-page links become visible to and usable by your readers.


    Thanks for the response but I think I may have misstated the problem.

    I just started the blog. Currently there are two posts on the main page. Yesterday there were three posts on the main page. Earlier today I mistakenly added a 4th post. When i moved the errant 4th post to the trash, the third post just disappeared. There is no trace of it what so ever.

    It’s the third post I am trying to recover.



    Please look in all these places which will appear as links on the appropritae pages of your blog.

    Edit posts page:
    * All * Published * Drafts * Private * Trash

    Edit pages page:
    * All * Published * Private



    Thanks, I checked all of those. There is a very old version of the post in my drafts folder. It says it was last updated on the 13th, but the full version was published yesterday.



    I wonder if there is an autosave version.


    Yep, I just found an autosaved version of it from yesterday. Thank you so much for you help. I still have no idea how it disappeared in the first place. Uggh… Makes me think I should be editing in Word and formatting in WPress.

    Thanks again. Huge help!



    No! Don’t use microsoft WOR. look here > Instead I recommend downloading a free copy of windowslivewriter. You can use it to create every entry and publish them directly to your blog. Not only that but you will always have a backup copy of very entry you create on your own blog.


    Just for clarification. If I use Word, I clean all tags and then format it using wordpress. I’ll check out your recs though.




    Why bother cleaning up crappy code that ought not to be there in the first place? Information and download link

    P.S. Happy blogging. :)


    Believe me I hear you about the crappy code.

    Two questions: Is windows live writer for the Mac? Also, why can’t I just do this in WordPress? Seems like using another piece of software defeats the purpose.



    (1) Is windows live writer for the Mac?
    No but Ecto is and it costs about $20.

    (2) Do what? has an editor and you can enter directly into it. It even has a special icon see Row 2 icon number 6 so you can strip the crud out of WORD and post it.
    However, it’s not a word processor. Explanation here>

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