My post keeps disappearing!

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    Hello! My latest post “Not Now Darling” has disappeared. Occasionally it reappears and then disappears again. What happened???



    If you go to your Admin => Manage, does the post show up as “private” ? You might have to edit it and make sure the “Post Status” on the right hand side is not private but published. This has happened from time to time reading through posts on this issue.




    I have the same problem since today, after the maintenance to the servers…so the comments on th blog…
    Posts disappear and the comments to…



    If they disappear and then re-appear what might be happening is that the data centers aren’t in synch. This is a back end problem that Support should fix tomorrow when they get back to work.



    FYI. It’s also happening here as well. I have a private blog with multiple authors and comments as well as posts are not showing up. Some show on the sidebar but not in the main column. I get ID errors when trying to edit comments or posts as well. Has only happened since the maintenance issue earlier today. I’m sure they will have it fixed tomorrow. CTRL F5 works but then it “re-dissappears” after the next refresh. I think you are right raincoaster.



    Ditto on my site. Post last night comes and goes from the front page and also when I go under Manage Posts. Definitely looks like a synchronization issue. If I past this link into my browser…

    …I initially get a 404 error. After a few refreshes it will eventually come up.



    Having the same issue here, often I got the 404 error as well, but after a few refresh the post appears again. This happened after the maintenance message I got last night.



    I did get a response to a feedback I sent last night regarding this issue and they are aware of it and fixing it.



    There was work done on the servers? That explains all of the mess around today and last night. My akismet filter is all screwy! None of my spam is showing up. You would think that I’m happy about this, but sometimes comments that I want are considered spam, so now I cannot even see these.

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