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My Post may be missing a Tag

  1. I write a lot of posts a day and I always add Tags. But once in a while I may forget to add a Tag to it and it gets lost. Like today someone had to show me that an old post of mine had no tags. I added it, but It made me wonder if there are more posts I had that are missing Tags. Is there any way for me to check which posts don't have tags.

    Like how, In Posts you can sort them by Comments, Likes, and Date. Am I able to do that with tags to find out which posts I may have missed. Or do I have to scroll through them all manually?
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  2. Hi there,

    You can see what tags assigned for your posts at Posts → All Posts in your blog's dashboard.

    If you can't see the Tags column, make sure it's enabled in your Screen Options on that page.

  3. Yeah that's how I do it now, but I still have to sift through all of my posts to see if one is missing it's tags. Is there a quicker way?

  4. Unfortunately, there's no easier way. You can see a list of which posts are under which tag via Posts -> Tags in your Dashboard, but you can't see a list of which posts are not under specific tags.

  5. Okay thanks for your time

  6. You're welcome!

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