my post was people need to get uninformed

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    I did the best blog and it just went away and did not post.. it took me so long to prepare and think through and then typing it and it’s gone I could cry>>What happens to the ones that do not teacher says sometimes it doesn’t go threw right away..but all of the others fact the last one went and i was trying to send it to you in support.??????
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    I’m sorry your post didn’t get published – what was the title of the post?

    I do see that you have two posts in Draft status here – are either one of those the ones that you wanted published?



    This is a common problem.

    We recommend using an offline blog editor if you need the posts for school. Try Windows LIve Writer, which is free.

    If you use the New Post button on the Admin bar, the autosave doesn’t kick in, so don’t use it. Ever. Go to Dashboard->New post to create posts.

    It might still be under Drafts, so take a look at your Post->Drafts page.



    now where is my drafts page??




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