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    I uploaded a post today at noon eastern and noticed it never showed up in the reader. I went back into the edit mode and saw that the post time was about 21 hours ago – so I tried to update that. Still nothing in the reader. Next I copied the post and double checked that there was no duplication of tags and categories – even though the time stamp is correct this time it is still not in the reader. The URL is

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Thanks so much!


    You’re welcome.



    Hi..I posted two articles about an hour ago..No email notification was sent and they did not show up in the Reader either…



    I did a post 55 minutes ago and it too is not appearing in the reader. My husband subscribes with an email notification coming to him and he has not received the notification.




    It is 2 hours now and I still cannot find my post under the tags…I did use the tag beauty and there is a post on scoliosis that has appeared numerous times…

    Are you folks doing an update to your systems?

    Thank you!


    Hey there,

    I posted one article last night, and another this afternoon and neither are showing up on the reader. Yesterday evening I changed my blog url, so I wonder if this may be the root of the problem. But I’ve followed all the advice I’ve found on previous forums and still can’t work it out!

    the blog I need help with:

    Thank you! Helena :)



    When you change your URL you effectively have a brand-new blog. Brand new blogs take a number of days to show up in the reader.


    Oh I see, thank you raincoaster!



    The post did eventually show up. It looks like the email never went out for the revised version. Sadly I started at noon and was still unsure of it’s status 12 hours later. I began the post on my iPad and finished up online so that I could use spell check and set a featured image (both features would really help the iOS app) – but even so the timeline makes no sense. Makes me a bit gun-shy about hitting publish on the piece I am setting up now…



    It took my post 5+ hours to show up. Were you folks doing an upgrade to the site? And the time, based on what my stats told me was off by one hour. Many, many posts were duplicated. I received notifications from those that I followed numerous times…Hope that this is now fixed. Looks like it is. Suggestion: If there is an issue, can you put a post on support indicating that you are working on an issue?

    Thanks and glad that all seems to be working well now.

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