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My post won't show in tag searches

  1. I have adjusted the tags and categories on my blog as it was suggested last week, and I am still not seeing my posts coming up in tag searches.

    I have read other questions on here, and they all seem to show up the moment that the tags and categories are dropped below 15. I have been doing that for over a week now and they are not showing up. Some people have said that I am not showing up in the reader at all some times.

    It is very hard to get readership if people only come to me through comments I have left on other blogs.

    Three of my newer posts are:

    I would be grateful if this was sorted as soon as possible. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like your blog was flagged for inappropriate content at some point. I have removed that flag as I'm not seeing anything that violates our policies.

    You should show up in searches now.

  3. Yay there I am. Thank you so much Rootjosh.

  4. Happy to help.

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