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My posts are disappearing?

  1. valerielisewalker

    I'm having an error 404 when trying to open my posts. They're there for a few minutes and then they disappear. Very frustrating

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's a bug with new blogs that creates identical twin blogs, and the posts go to one blog and then you click and look and you're looking at the empty twin. I will flag this for staff to sort out.

  3. valerielisewalker

    I'm very frustrated with it and am probably just going to delete my site because it has been giving me trouble for weeks. Very upsetting.

  4. Don't delete it. Wait till staff sort it out. They should get to it by Monday at the latest. If you delete it neither you nor anyone else can ever use that URL again.

  5. valerielisewalker

    My primary blog url says it's and the blank duplicate blog page url is That is supposed to be my primary url and now it is a blank page and the other one has my blogs. No social media referrals can see my posts because of this.

  6. You should be able to go to the blog "2" and on the Tools page, create an Export file. On the dashboard of the "real' blog, click Import and import it. Double check to see that everything has gotten ported over. That should help for now.

  7. It doesn't look like this is a duplicate blog issue. @valerielisewalker, your blog is currently located at, which is considered by our system to be not a duplicate, but an entirely different site from As raincoaster indicated, if you want catsandlaughs to be your blog address, you will need to do an export > import of your content from catsandlaughs2 to catsandlaughs. Otherwise will continue to show no content.

  8. valerielisewalker

    It was a blog duplicate until I changed the URL - temporarily, I thought- to avoid having links lead to the wrong website. So they were both originally catsandlaughs. Will I lose my subscribers by doing an export?

  9. I can migrate your subscribers to your final site, but each site will have separate stats that I will not be able to move.

  10. valerielisewalker

    Ok do I export it first and then you do that? Can I do it now?

  11. When you have your site set up the way you want and are ready, let me know. At that time I can move any followers from to

  12. valerielisewalker

    Ok I've exported/imported everything and customized the page.

  13. I have transferred your followers to your site for you.

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