My posts are not appearing on the topics pages

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    I have been using the most popular tags on the topic pages for my posts and the blog I posted this morning does not show up at all. My views have dropped dramatically and I was having new subscriptions daily. Now I am barely getting any comments, likes or views. What is happening here? One of the tags I used was culture, and I scrolled through the entire listing to see if my blog was there. When I got to a post that I saw earlier in the day it was not there. When I look under “Life in the Foothills” I see a post that I did 2 weeks ago, and the one that I posted this morning was published 4 hours ago. Can someone look to see what is happening here please? I understand how tags work, and they were working just fine last week, but since this weekend with this topics page thing, I cannot find my posts. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

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