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My posts are not showing up on Reader

  1. Hi,

    Can someone help me with this problem as it's never happened to me before. So far I've put up the last two posts but it never appeared in Reader. It's been a day now and older posts by other people of the same topic appears but not mine.

    A couple of months back my posts showed up on Reader just as I published them. I used to get 'likes' on my older posts as it used to appear on Reader. But there doesn't seem to have any traffic since the last two posts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Posted in Thoughts and tagged Singapore, foreigners, HDB, Malaya, kampong, Singaporean, URA, patriotism, elitism, foreign talent, 1950, Lee Kwan Yew, Singapore Government, Prime Minister, WWII, Japanese Occupation, GST, chewing gum, National Day, Hari Raya, Independence, Malayan, Malaysian, Indian, wealthy, Chinese, happiness, financial centre, stories, grandparents, 9 August

    There's your problem: you have so many tags that you've been classed as a tag spammer. You'll have to delete them until you have no more than 10-15 on each post, closer to 12 is safer.

  3. Ok, I understand now.

    But can we make this limitation an exception?
    Because what if I want to reach out to a larger group of people? Tags are supposed to get more audience right? Or is there a better way to gain traffic?

  4. I assure you, getting classified as a spammer is a terrible way to "reach out." You're not reaching ANYONE on the Reader now, and search engines will have downgraded you to the status of spam blog.

    Delete the tags. Don't be greedy. The internet works well when you use a limited number of appropriate tags.

  5. Ok, I've removed some tags, but when will my posts start showing on Reader again? Also how come WordPress doesn't tell you to limit your tags when you're writing a post?

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