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My posts are not shown in popular tags

  1. artspublications

    A failure on my blog Arts Looking. My posts are not shown in popular tags culture, poetry, imagination, inspirations, living. Last 3 posts are not shown also in tag Please help me

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog was marked as Mature due to its content, and Mature blogs are not displayed in the public topic listings.

  3. artspublications

    Is it possible to clean this mark if I"ll remove my post showing a woman in hell [painting by Hans Memling] or other posts?
    I really don't know what's the reason of suspending my blog on culture, art and expression.

  4. Yes, if you can remove all media depicting nudity, we can remove the mark.

  5. artspublications

    I've removed this post. Please remove the mark. Thank you...

  6. There are still files depicting nudity in the Media section of your blog's Dashboard. Please remove those as well.

    Please note that if you re-post nudity (art or otherwise), your blog will be re-considered for a Mature mark.

  7. artspublications

    I've deleted it from Media on Arts Looking.
    Can I leave it in the Polish langaguge blog Arts Inspiring or do I have to remove it also?

  8. In the second page of your Media library, there are still illustrations depicting nudity.

  9. artspublications

    I've deleted 4 drawings from Media and a post.

  10. Thank you, the Mature mark has been removed. It may take a day or two for your blog to reappear.

    Again, please avoid posting nudity (art or otherwise) if you want your blog to continue to appear in the public tag listings.

    We don't penalize your blog necessarily, but we can't allow children to accidentally stumble across such things.

  11. artspublications

    Thank you for explanations and removing mark.

  12. You're welcome!

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