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  2. Hi! Looking at your site, the most recent post is categorized in the "Main" and "Music" category. When I go to the category archive links you have in the top navigation, that post seems to be appearing in the appropriate places. Do you have an example of a post that's not appearing as you intended?

  3. What I mean is, they aren't showing in the topics area of the reader. For example my posts tagged as "Fashion" or "Music" do not appear in the "Fashion" or "Music" topics.

  4. When I click the top link for Fashion, I see several new posts from July 20, including "Tantum – Magnum Shirt", "A Look At Opening Ceremony’s London Pop-up Store," "Nike SB Dunk High Pro “Camouflage” and many more. Under Music I see "A Short Film Documenting Rakim’s Historic Career (Video)," "Video: An Evening With A$AP Rocky In London" and many more.

    Just to be clear, you are using Categories on the post edit screen, correct? You said "tag" in your last reply, which won't work because your navigation links are based on category, not tag.

    If you can't see what I see under those category links, follow these instructions to clear your browser cache.

    If you're still having trouble, please reply with a link to a post that's categorized properly but not showing on the category archive link.

    Awesome site by the way!

  5. @djproe360
    Please see here > Topics > Missing posts for the reasons for non-appearance on the Topics pages. If none of those apply then please let us know and we will flag this thread for Staff attention.

    Note: The Topics pages have been broken for a long time as many bloggers are continually abusing and misusing them. At best in the 6 1/2 years I have been here the traffic flow from those pages to blogs has been neglible. It's Google and other search engines that send a significant traffic flow to blogs.

  6. @timethief
    None of those reasons apply to my page. I always try to use appropriate tags and categories.

  7. Thanks for verifying. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  8. hello,
    hhmmm...i publish all my posts under one category - named '@abdelxyz' - but i also tag the post appropriately. now i find that my posts are not being picked up when i search for a tag, but when i search for @abdelxyz they do appear...

  9. @abdelxyz
    See here please and do not post into more than one thread on tghe same issue >

  10. Unbelievable! What's with all these rules about people posting in multiple threads?? Isn't this a support forum? It's been days and I haven't gotten any answers about my problem. Yet, when I post the issue that I'm having in another thread, someone from tech responds immediately to tell me what NOT to do in the SUPPORT FORUM.

  11. @djproe360
    We Volunteers can only flag threads for Staff assistance wfter we have provided all the help that we can. That is what I did. We cannot compel Staff to appear and deal with the threads we have flagged for their attention.

    Ny comment avove was clearly addressed to @abdelxyz
    I'm helping abdelxyz in the other thread. It's not believeable that any member would expect any Volunteer to have to duplicate answers provided in one thread to the same person in multple threads .

  12. I understand you can't make the staff address certain threads. However, I did get a response from a "happiness engineer" when I posted my issue multiple times, telling me what not to do in the forum. Yet, still no solution to my problem which isn't a new one by the way.

    And clearly @abdelxyz should be able to comment in any thread he chooses because it is a forum.

    How many days are going to go by before this problem is resolved is the question.............

  13. Staff is away until July 23rd. Currently they are monitoring forum threads and dealing with urgent issues during that time.

  14. Thanks WP

  15. Is there anyone from the wp staff that can help with this issue??

  16. hello,

    my posts are still not showing up in 'Topics' there anyone at wp who can rectify this or offer advice, please?

    many thanks,

  17. I'm waiting for the same answer as well.. I think the staff are all busy helping the VIP customers.

  18. they do read the forums, yes? or is there another method we should use to approach wp staff?

  19. djproe360, you're all fixed up. Sorry for the trouble!

    abdelxyz, what is the URL of the affected blog?

  20. hello macmanx! thanks for your response

    the affected blog is (or

    initially the whole blog was called @abdelxyz and all posts were put in a category called @abdelxyz. i have now changed the blog to abdelxyz (ie removed the @ sign as timetheif suggested that this may be causing it to appear as spam) and discarded the @abdelxyz category (now 'uncategorized')

    many thanks!

  21. Ok, you'll need to recategorize the existing posts, as they're all still showing as Uncategorized.

  22. ok, thank you - all are now recategorised...

  23. Excellent, the posts should re-appear in the Reader in a day or two.

  24. thank you!

  25. You're welcome!

  26. I'm having the same problem where my blog posts no longer seem to be showing up under the WordPress "Explore Topics" function. I looked at the rules listed under "Missing Posts" and none of them seem to apply. Nor have I changed any of my previous posting patterns.

    1. Tuesday Night iPhone Photos – This is not a Magritte is tagged with "Magritte" but does not show up in Explore Topics when I type in Magritte.
    2. Quote of the Day: Howard Stern on Dick Cheney is under the category "Howard Stern" but does not show up in Explore Topics when I type in Howard Stern.
    3. Monday Night iPhone Photo – IHOP Valet Parking is tagged with "IHOP" but does not show up in Explore Topics when I type in IHOP.

    I would love for some insight as to what might be happening.

  27. There was a bit of a problem with your feed, but it's fixed now.

    You should re-appear in the Reader within a day or two.

  28. Thank you very much, macmanx!

  29. You're welcome!

  30. @macmanx No, its still not working

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