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My posts aren't showing up

  1. Last week I changed my blog address from jessicascakes to poppystreats. Ever since then, whenever i do a blog post, it wont ever show up on the reader, with all the other blogs.

    Not only that, if i search for a tag that I tagged in my post, it still won't show up in the results. For example my latest post is tagged with paleo, but if i search the paleo tag my new post isnt showing.

    How can i fix this please! (Ive cleared my cache)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have 16 categories and tags on your latest post. That's too many. Drop it below 15 and don't ever use more than that.

  3. I only have 13 tags? But also that was a new post today, none of my previous ones have been showing up all week either ever since i changed blog address (and they all had under 10 tags)

  4. It is the COMBINATION of categories and tags that counts. No post should have more than 15.

  5. Ah right ok thanks changed that, but even so my previous posts (before today) arent showing up in my reader? So my followers arent able to see them unless they actually directly go to my page.
    None of those posts have more than 10 tags, and this problem only started once I changed blog address last week.

  6. Did you buy the redirect upgrade? Apparently followers aren't transferred to the new URL without that.

  7. I can see your latest post on the Shepheard's pie tag page easily. It's right at the top.

  8. No, I'm still on the free url, I just changed the blog name. I still have my followers so it isnt that, and also I'm following myself also and still none of my posts are coming up in my reader so Im not sure what it is?

  9. Yeah it seems to be working when searching tags now, but just not appearing in the reader for people following me?

  10. I've just scrolled down my entire reader for the past few weeks and none of my posts are showing up in it, whereas they would do before I changed my name

  11. You subscribed to the OLD URL. You have to subscribe to the new one, in order to get posts from the new URL, or buy the redirect upgrade if the instructions I read are correct.

    Things like this are one reason I never recommend changing your URL. It just isn't worth the hassles after the fact.

  12. I am following the new URL though thats what I dont understand. And all my old followers are following the new blog, so when I look at 'Site stats' for both my new and old page, my new page has 33 and my old one has none. But still the posts for my new one wont show up in the reader.

    Yeh I didnt realise it would be a hassle, it looked like it would be a really simple thing when I just clicked the button :/

  13. Well, this thread is flagged for staff attention so just subscribe to notifications by email (use the tickbox under the Write Post box here) and wait for them to get back to you.

  14. Cool, thanks for your help

  15. This is exactly what happened to me. If changing my name means losing my followers, then why are all my followers still listed on MY reader? Every one of them I'm talked to said when they go to my site they have to click "unfollow" first before it will even let them follow.

  16. Ah, that's good to know. Thanks!

  17. I just posted a test from my old page, and it instantly appeared in my feeder, but still none of my posts from my new name are. I'm not sure whats happening? :(

  18. Even though I manually unfollowed my old name, posts from it will appear in my feeder, whereas posts from my new name (Which i am following) dont!

  19. Just hang tight and wait for staff to get to this and sort it out. That's good info, but when you post to the thread, you send it to the back of the line for staff help.

  20. @poppystreats I see your post about Banana Bread in the Reader, so everything appears to be okay:

    I also noticed that all of your followers appear to be on your new site at

    @waxgnostalgic your followers also appear to be intact on your new blog.

    Please note that once someone has followed your blog, they will have to click "unfollow" before the "follow" option appears again, which is how it's supposed to work.

  21. trishprattandassociates

    Help! I too changed both my account name and email and now believe I have caused this problem where my posts are not sending out. One follower on reports receiving my blog posts, but others are not receiving them (including myself).

    I unfollowed my blog and then re-followed and cannot tell that this has helped anything.

    Please advise. Thank you,

  22. Hi trishprattandassociates, it sounds like your issue isn't with the Reader but with email notifications? Or are they notifications?

    Can you please provide the username or email addresses (which will not show up in the public forums, but I can see them) for any other users who are not now receiving notifications?

  23. trishprattandassociates

    jessica Low [email redacted]
    russ pratt [email redacted]
    trish pratt [email redacted]

    Hi Jackiedana -

    Thank you for your thoughts. I have had two people confirm that they did receive emailed posts on Friday. And three (including myself) did not receive anything.

    By user name, do you mean wordpress user name? I don't think the first two have wordpress accounts. I do have one, of course, ..and I recently changed my account name from momentumcoachingllc to trishprattandassociates. wondering if the account name messed something up.

    I was surprised that when I attempted to have my husband sign up, it prompted him for a wp user name.

  24. @ trishprattandassociates I can see that you're subscribed to via, rather than via email, and it's set to send you an email immediately. Our system shows an email was last sent to the email address you have associated with your account on 4/25/14. It's possible that the email could have gone to your spam folder or to your Social tab if you're using Gmail.

    The other two users are not subscribed to your blog either via or via email.

  25. trishprattandassociates

    Strange. I don't find the email in any spam folder. Checking w Jessica, she says that she didn't unsubscribe and confirms that's the correct email address.

    I'm still wondering if I messed something up when I changed my account name and also email address listed in my account.

    I unsubscribed Russ last night and then didn't' re-sign him up because it prompted for his wp acct which he doesn't have.

  26. trishprattandassociates

    I also just changed my primary blog in my settings to "trishprattand associates". Wouldn't think that would matter.

  27. I'd recommend that you'd ask both of the people who aren't currently subscribed to follow your blog again either via (if they have an account, they can follow it in their admin bar) or via email. I'm not sure why they aren't showing up now, but that's easy enough to resolve.

  28. Also, as far as your own notifications go, please let me know if you don't receive an email the next time you publish a post, and I'll look into it further for you.

  29. trishprattandassociates

    Okay, will do. Thank you!

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