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My posts doesn't appear on Global Tag Page

  1. hidalgovelazquez

    Why? Is it a bug?

  2. Have you done a forum search? There are lots of reasons you might not appear in the global tag pages: tag spamming (which doesn't seem to be the case on your blog), Mature content, which also doesn't appear to be the case, or a blog which is too new. Brand new blogs are barred from the global tag pages for an unspecified length of time.

  3. hidalgovelazquez

    I don't spam with tags, my blog doesn't concern mature contents. Exported my blog from blogger few days ago, so how long I must wait? Now category and tags are perfectly useless so the entire blog is useless...

  4. davidarchuletavn

    I'm from Vietnam, and have just created a blog on wordpress for abt 2 weeks.
    Thank you wordpress so much for opening an amazing door for me to contact with the world.
    But could U plz tell me how to let as many as people know abt my blog? Is the Global Tag Page the one that I should try to make my blog more familiar with others?
    Cause my blog is for David Archuleta and I don't put any privacy on it. :)
    Tks in advance

  5. If you imported your blog to only a few days ago, you have to wait a bit longer. They will work within a few weeks, but not immediately. Nobody but staff knows exactly how long it takes.

    @davidarchuletavn, please don't hijack threads. Do a forum search for tips on getting more hits and spreading the word about your blog. There are hundreds of tips here already.

  6. davidarchuletavn

    to raincoaster,
    Thanks for sharing that with me.
    I won't hijack threads again.

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