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My posts don't show up in the Reader, again

  1. Hello,
    sorry to bother again.
    Unfortunately I'm having the same problem I've already reported here:
    Half an hour ago I've publishes this post:
    It haven't showed up in the Reader yet! What's the problem this time? I've used 12 total categories and tags, there are no weird links, nothing strange. I can't understand.
    It took me many hours to write that post, it's about an important topic and I'm pretty upset I can't have all the visibility it deserves.
    Could you please check and have it appear in the Reader?
    Thank you. Have a nice day!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I tried everything that was suggested online. I removed 2 tags, 1 category and some links to images . I edited the post. I cleared cache and cookies and refreshed my browser.
    Nothing: my post still hasn't appeared in the Reader. If I search for categories it shows up, but it's not in the general feed page. I can see all of my followers posts except mine.
    Please note that I've never edited this post date and time.
    Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong, please? Thanks!

  3. I solved the problem! :)
    I'm using a japanese Mac and I didn't realize my text had an invalid character which corrupted the post. That's why it didn't appear in the feed reader!
    I found the character, deleted it, cleared cache and cookies and restarted my browser. My post finally showed up in the feed reader, yeah! :D
    Sorry and thanks for your patience. Have a nice day!

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