My posts from the past year are missing

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    Every single post I’ve made in the past year has been deleted now and links I’ve posted / e-mailed to friends turn up a 404 error.
    None of these posts had any illegal content on them so I’m not sure what’s up. I tried to contact support, but … that’s closed.

    I emptied out my drafts folder a while back, but kept a few recent posts in it (like one about the trip I’m planning to take) and the folder is completely empty. The stats for those posts are gone, the search engine terms leading to those blogs are gone…it’s like they never exsisted at all.

    I know I didn’t just accidentally delete the posts, so any ideas what is going on?

    The blog I need help with is


    Also, I don’t even have a “trash” option so I can’t see if anything was put into the trash or not. It’s all very strange, like the last year has just been wiped completely clean.


    We cannot help without a link to the blog you are talking about.


    I see posts clear back to January 1, 2009


    You might want to add the archives widget to your sidebar. That gives your visitors access to older posts by month and year.


    I’m talking about my recent posts being missing. The ones made from June of 09 to uh…last week! All posts from the past year are missing.



    Change all your passwords right now.

    Someone got your password and went on a deletion spree 7 days ago.

    If you use that password anywhere else at all then you should change immediately.

    When you have, contact Support.

    (and make sure it is unguessable. The last one you had really was guessed. You were not hacked, no-one here ever has been)


    @bellenarcissa, sorry. I misread your question. Do as Mark (staff) says.


    Thanks Mark, that’s disappointing. I really don’t have a clue as to who would have done that. Is there any way to restore the deleted posts?


    Once you change your password to something good and strong (change it for the associated email address as well), contact support as Mark suggested. They might be able to restore things for you.



    If they can’t, check Yahoo and Google for cached versions of your blog posts. Put in the dates that you posted, or just the month (be sure to use the format the theme you’re using displays it in, eg August 2010 OR /08/2010) and then copy them down. Tedious but it sometimes works.


    I don’t know how to do that crap.
    I talked to support, I got a poorly written response basically saying “you did this”
    blah blah blah whatever
    I’m deleting the blog, it’s completely pointless anyway. It’s not worth this stress.


    Also, support has not responded to me beyond said poorly written “you did this” statement.

    Way to win people over when they’re already pissed off.



    Well, it’s not their fault you picked an easy password; they even tell you how strong it is when you sign up.


    My password was NOT easy to guess and included numbers and symbols.

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