my posts keep changing position on their own, why is this?

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    I see that my blog develops its own order for the postings, there are things that I want to be in the same order and for some reason older posts gain in position over time, why is this? Is there a way that I can reorganize them and prevent posts form moving original position/dates I posted them, I would like the same order that I post them at.

    As well the loading time of my blog is slowwwww, why is this? if I upgrade will that change?

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    By design, blogs are ordered chronologically with the newest at the top.

    At Settings -> Reading your Dashboard, you have your blog set to display 20 posts on the front page, but you’re attempting to manufacture some sort of order by using sticky posts, 129 sticky posts to be exact.

    Sticky posts override the maximum post display setting, which means that all 129 stick posts plus 20 non-sticky posts (149 total) are displaying on your front page, causing the tremendous load slowness and sometimes even failure.

    Instead of using sticky posts, we recommend that you edit each post and change the publish date to create the order you want.




    much better now



    You’re welcome!

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