My primary blog is missing

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    Hi there,
    My primary blog which is which I have paid for the domain name is missing from my profile. I am terribly disappointed with wordpress for allowing this to happen after I paid good money for my domain.I also wrote to the support group this morning and they have still not got back to me. This is terribly disappointing with wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is



    When did you purchase your domain name? How long did you wait for the domain name to propagate throughoutt the interent before posting this thread?

    5. To activate your new domain go to Settings > Domains, select the button next to the one you wish to activate and click Update Primary Domain. Your blog will be accessible from both of these domains; the Primary Domain is what actually appears as your domain within the address bar of web browsers. If you do not see your blog at the new domain immediately, please allow some time for the DNS changes to propagate.

    The good news is that I can access your blog without any problem here >

    Please checv here My Blogs and make sure the blog is not “hidden” from dashboard visibility

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