My privacy policy link does not work on the registration page

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    I am trying to make my blog compliant with GDRP, on my website registration page, the link to my privacy policy next to the checkbox does not work. Where it says. ‘You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy.’ The ‘Privacy Policy’ link does nothing but reload the registration page. I have been in chat with my web host for almost an hour and they could not figure out what is wrong with it. I have cleared my cache and reloaded, I have checked it on multiple machines, I have written a privacy policy and created a page for it, I have that page selected as my privacy policy in Settings>Privacy. The link at the very, very bottom of the registration page that says ‘privacy policy’ is working fine and takes you to the correct page, but by not having the link next to the checkbox working properly I am not complying with GDPR for this particular element of my blog. Their only suggestion was to contact you. I’ve spent hours searching for an answer online, but everything just takes me to pages like ‘why do I need a privacy policy… which I already have and don’t need help with. Any advice that can fix this is very much appreciated or I will have to discontinue my blog. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Actually, the blog I need help with is It auto-added my old blog address incorrectly in the previous post.



    Hi there,

    Your site is using the open source WordPress software found on, and the privacy policy link you refer to was added in last week’s v. 4.9.6 update.

    Please ask in the forums about this, as the people who will be able to help you are over there:

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