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  1. Hi There, just wondering how to get to the area where my "profile" is with all my favourite topics from the forums is listed?
    It use to be that you could come to the forums page and click on "my profile" at the top right side, but it seems to have disappeared.
    Where does it now store the favourite topics?
    Can you help me find it LOL

  2. While you're logged in here, click on your user name. The first paragraph will have the links you need. I can see mine but can't see yours, so don't worry about any privacy aspect.

    I never noticed the "my profile" link was missing from the forum page - good catch!

  3. It's the word Member that takes you to your FORUM profile, as opposed to your blog profile.

  4. Ahhhhh, that's where it is hiding.... thanks both of you, each one takes me where I was looking for ;).

  5. how can i find my profile?

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