my published photos have disappeared – what happened?

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    I attached photos to all of my blogs and pages last week, and they’ve shown up successfully, until today — and now they’re gone. I didn’t edit anything today or yesterday, so I don’t understand what happened. I’m using The Columnist theme, which I love. The small cropped featured images show up on the home page above the teaser text (ending with “Continue reading”), but when I click on a pic to go to the blog’s individual page, the full-scale featured photo above the text is gone (only the header image on the left appears, the same one that shows up on every page in The Columnist). The same thing happens when I click on the menu headings to go to new pages — the featured image is nowhere to be found on any of the pages. When I go the my Media Library, the list indicates the photos are attached. I tried deleting an image from the Library, re-uploading it from my computer, and following all the steps to insert it as a featured image (and was careful to do all the “saves” and “updates”). The Media Library indeed shows it as attached today. So I don’t understand what happened. I don’t even know if I should wait to see if it resolves itself on its own, or if something permanent has wreaked havoc with my site. Your help would be greatly appreciated — thank you so much!

    The blog I need help with is



    i have exactly the same problem @
    it has to be a general issue with the theme – hopefully someone with more knowledge will reply soon.


    Yes, I see you’re having the same problem on your site. Good to know it’s not just mine. Was this a problem for you from the beginning, or did the photos just disappear recently? Mine were fine until yesterday. I wonder if someone is altering the underlying HTML code for the Columnist theme. I wish someone would help us out, let’s see….



    Hey, I set up the site some days ago and everything was working fine until yesterday. The images just disappeared all of a sudden. Like you say, it might be that somebody is working on the code. We’ll see what happens…


    I, too, am having the same issue. Only just started but everything looked fine in preview yesterday on my work computer. However, when I got home in the evening to continue working on it the featured photos at the top of all my posts had disappeared. Puzzling…watch this space, I s’pose.

    Nice to know I’m not the only one having an issue; thought I cocked up or something.


    *Update* Thurs evening @ 7 pm EST:
    Feature photos are showing up again in The Columnist, yay! Don’t know what the WordPress team did, but it seems to have worked. Have the 2 of you other posters seen your photos return tonight?
    Glad to have met some fellow Columnists!



    My images are back too! Would be nice to know what was wrong in the first place and what they did to resolve it… Hopefully everything is back on track now. Best of luck to your projects!


    Yep, all good here as well. Quite surprising how much of a lift the post gets having the image back at the top. Best of luck!


    Great to hear everyone’s back on track! I agree, the images at the top do a lot for individual posts and pages. However, I haven’t yet figured out how to prevent the Columnist template from cropping so much of the photos I upload. I tried resizing them through the dashboard, but that only led to more cropping. I guess I’ll have to find a way to edit them in other software (like pasting them to a bigger background of the same color) before trying to upload them to The Columnist. Any chance you’ve got experience in this kind of thing?

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