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My Reader not loading my blog postings? What's the problem -

  1. I posted a message on this here Friday, still no response from WP or anyone.

    All of a sudden my reader isn't showing my postings and my followers aren't receiving my blog postings. I haven't changed anything in my settings.

    Can someone look into this please - can't have a blog if people aren't aware of my postings. Very frustrating since I've wait for 72 hours and still no response!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Now I understand that you do not have a Facebook issue let's continue in this thread. None of the reasons for non-appearance in the Reader here seem to apply to your blog.

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. Hi Timethief - I'm a little confused.

    Anyways, I do not have accounts for twitter, facebook or linked-in - so I don't think this addresses my problem.

    My posts are not showing up in Readers, mine or my followers.

    Thanks, Mary

  4. Hi Mary,
    I do understand that now and Staff will assist you. Please be pateint while waiting.

  5. Thanks Timethief.

    I sent a blog posting out to my followers this morning asking them if they are receiving my posts to their Readers. If you do to you'll see the answers coming in, they are varied and some are experiencing the same as me.

    Some followers have not received my latest two blogs from last week, some have not received the post on Thursday of my painting, and I received notice that one so far received notice of both postings.

    So very curious as to what is happening. I still have not received both postings of last week in my Reader, nor the one I posted today.

    Thanks - wish WP Staff would follow-up.

  6. Forgot to mention I'm not receiving any notification of likes or comments to my blog either - only place is if I'm directly on my blog. Other than that no notification is coming by email or on the blog stats or reader line at top of page.

    Seems the problem is widening.

  7. Hi Mary,
    Note that there are many other bloggers waiting for Staff help who posted long before you did. Staff are few in number. We bloggers are over 35 million. Staff deal with threads that have the earliest dates and times first and move forward. It's in one's best interest to wait patiently because contacting them more than once on the same issue and/or bumping threads moves that date and time forward and it then takes longer to get help.

  8. All of your posts are appearing in the Reader.

    For the email subscribers, would you please have them check their spam folders?

  9. Hi Macmanx, thank you for getting back to me.

    I sent a note out to my followers and several replied that they didn't not receive my posts for April 17 and April 18 in their Reader.

    Several didn't receive the April 18th post in their Reader.

    One received my post as spam.

    And, several received both posts.

    So it appears the results are varied and different across the board.

    For me, I haven't received my posts for April 17, 18 or April 21 in my Reader. I used to regularly receive any post I make in my Reader, now I'm receiving none.

    Also, when I'm in my Reader or on Stats page, I used to be notified of likes, comments or new followers. Since last week I no longer receive these notifications unless I on directly on my actual blog, on the Admin page or on someone else's blog that I'm following. I used to see activity as noted any where on wordpress - now longer is the case.

    Could you assist me in finding out why the above situations are occurring for both my followers and my case.

    Something has happened since the middle of last week and I haven't a clue what because I haven't gone into the blog admin and changed any settings. My tags are limited, I'm not an account holder of facebook, twitter or linked-in.

    Really appreciate if this could be cleared up. If you want to see what some of my followers have said about the issue that I asked in my post yesterday, here is the link

    Thanks, Mary

  10. I can definitely see the posts in the Reader, so that's working as expected.

    In your case, try unfollowing and refollowing your blog.

    For the Notifications, are you seeing them in the orange Notifications menu in your navigation bar or!/notifications/ ?

  11. Hi Macmanx, thanks for replying.

    I went in as you directed and unfollowed, and then followed my blog. My notifications bar on top of screen on stats page and reader page began to work. I'll find out during the night whether it continues when comments, likes or new followers are indicated.

    It seems to simple to have corrected the whole problem.

    W/re to the notification menu, only when I am either directly on my blog, or in the Admin for my blog would it work. Otherwise it would keep going round-and-round (like it's trying to open it up) and not shows any results when I would click on it.

    When I clicked onto your link, it worked. When I re-followed my blog it began to work. So I'll be monitoring this during the night to see what happens.

    Hopefully this corrects this situation - seriously just unfollowing and following my blog? What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks, Mayr

  12. You're welcome!

    I think something may have just happened to your subscription, I'm not entirely sure what yet, but we'll keep looking. I'm glad it's working now. :)

  13. Hi Macmanx, thank you for looking into this. I posted again today asking for my followers to like, comment, etc. to see what is taking place.

    On my end, after I unfollowed my blog and now following again, my post was in the Reader and I'm receiving all notifications on my reader page, stats page, admin page and when on my blog or others. In otherword, the simple unfollow and follow has worked in correcting both reader issues and notifications. Who knew - !

    For my followers, my post has asked them to unfollow and then follow if they were not receiving posts, so they will begin to receive notices of postings in their Readers - it's working for those that did this.

    Thanks, from my end I think the issue has been resolved. I'll continue to encourage my followers to unfollow and follow mine and other blogs they follow if they suspect they aren't receiving posts in their Readers.

    Thanks for getting back to me - truly appreciate your assistance. Mary

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