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my readers can't leave comments but the settings are ok

  1. A reader just wrote to me asking how to leave a comment, and the comment box seems to have disappeared from beneath the posts. Which might explain the lack of comments lately. I checked the settings/discussion and the box is checked to allow comments, so what is the problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A link to your WordPress.COM blog might be in order, starting with http://

  3. sorry, I thought that came through automatically when I posted my question.

    It is:

  4. Under "Settings>Discussion" is there anything under the "Automatically close comments on articles older than X days"?

  5. Also check the "Allow Comments" option in the Discussion module of the post editor: it overrides the general setting.

  6. Okay, the override suggested by panaghiotisadam seems to have worked. Now I guess I just have to pull up posts individually to fix the problem. Thanks.

    justjennifer, there is nothing checked on the "automatically close comments on articles older than x days"

  7. True, but pan's suggestion also implies that you've clicked each post to disallow comments on that post.

    If you haven't done this, and as your first post suggests this was a recent change, I would recommend contacting Support directly with the problem.

  8. @Jennifer: It also implies the reverse, i.e. that maybe the allow option in the Settings wasn't checked till very recently. (If I remember well, changing that setting will only affect new posts, not posts already published under a don't-allow-comments status.)

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