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My Readers Comment box has changed

  1. Hi! I am not sure whether this has happened to anyone else but my comment option has changed. Whereas before readers could comment through using facebook, email, wordpress etc... Logins. Now there is only a wordpress option.

    I am not sure why this has happened and how to change it...
    Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. How odd? I'm not seeing anything like that either on my blog or on your blog.. Please refresh the page and then notice it again.

  3. Hi, thanks for getting back to me! I have just refreshed and it still only gives me the wordpress option, I have tried logging out too. Weird.

  4. Hey Anne,

    I visited your blog and can see the Guest, WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook options to leave a comment. Like mentioned above, could you try refreshing and see if that resolves the problem?

  5. I can see facebook etc on the sharing option but not when I actually click onto the comment part. I refreshed again.

  6. Whoops, you replied just before me :)

    Which web browser are you currently using to view the site?

  7. Ha, I was using Firefox but just looked on Safari and the other comment options are there! How bizarre... Thanks guys!

  8. No problem! I'd also recommend checking to see if your Firefox is currently up to date.

  9. Is that easy to do? Oops I am a technological nightmare!

  10. Yep :) They have a guide on how to update here:

  11. Thank you so much, it's done! :)

  12. Exactly! When I was using an older version of FF, the result was this:

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