My recent posts are not showing up on my homepage?

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    Hi, not sure what happened but within the past few days all of my latest blog entries I’ve posted in the past month have disappeared from my homepage. On my home page it’s showing the last entry as june 4th, when my real last entry was as recent as July 10th. All of the entries are still visible on my dashboard, and I haven’t changed any settings. How can I get them back to all being visible/in order on my homepage?

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    That’s happening because you have set some posts as sticky and those ones are overriding the normal list.

    To fix it, go to Posts in your blog dashboard and makes sure you’ve only selected posts to be sticky if you want them to appear at the very top of the list of posts.



    wow! can’t believe I missed that, sorry airhead moment :) thanks a ton for the help.


    No problem at all! We’re here to help answer questions.


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