My registrar is refusing to give access to my domain

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    For quite some time I’ve been running my blog, but recently I’ve decided to move it to WordPress as I find it to be much more useful tool than the one I’m using right now. After couple of articles on how to do it I’ve started with a mail to my registrar to get access to DNS settings of the domain (mapping is what I’m interested in).

    However, I got replied that my registrar is not allowing users to access neither source code or advanced settings of the domain and thus he cannot fulfill my request. It’s confusing to my why I’m being restrained from the service I paid for..

    Is there possibly anything more I can do to convince my registrar to grant me access to domain settings? I really hope to move to WordPress soon and without need to change my domain.

    I’d be grateful for response.

    Best regards,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Ela,

    Sorry to hear about the issue’s you’ve been having.

    Seems odd they wouldn’t update the DNS for you. How is your domain registrar?

    Did you get an login so you can access the DNS yourself, here;s a guide on how to update your domain to point to


    Hi there,

    Who is your domain registrar? Do they just not allow you to change your nameservers but allow A Records? You can always just transfer the domain so that both your site and domain are hosted at That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with their restrictions.

    Let me know your domain URL or the domain registrar.


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