My reply was censored

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    My recent reply to the discussion :

    Selection pressures” are metaphors. So are the “laws of physics.”

    Was censored. Here is a copy of the rejected rebuttal:

    E. coli genes are dependently selected via competing, single, E. coli cells containing one entire genome. A minimal model is therefore, one hypothetical cell containing two loci with four alleles ie not just one fitness “selfish” allele quietly forgetting about the coded polypeptide via which it is selected. Epistasis dependently combines the fitness of at least two loci. Proposing that single alleles can be independently selected is just a misused, simplified/oversimplified model. The contradiction I previously explained stands as proof: while we are related over 95% NON IBD to chimps, employing Hamilton’s gene centric IBD we are not related. Dawkins et al cannot have it both ways.

    is this site open to discussion or closed down whenever Dawkins is challenged? I await your reply
    John Edser

    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is



    No, the technical support forums are not open to discussion of Dawkins-related issues.

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