My right side Widgets at the botton of page??

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    Here is the thing, my right side widgets had gone to the botton of the page, the strange thing that it was out of nowhere…. without any changes in presentation or widgets page….

    Check out on
    You will see at the botton, the blogroll…
    The feed with latest news, and etc.

    I already tried to remove some widgets, but havent work…
    Already call support, but no answers yet( strange, they always have fast answers).
    If anyone know what caused, please tell me!



    I have the same problem, how did you fix it?



    It is the theme you are using. Change the theme and it will go back to normal. In Firefox that one looks fine but in Opera, IE and Safari it is wrong – just incorrect code I would think. :)


    I also have the same problem, any answer from support?



    Wow, I just asked this question, you’re faster than I, lol.

    It can’t possibly be the theme, because I previewed another theme for example and the sidebar is on the bottom also. Besides, I do not want to change mine :(


    Same problem with me but the funny part is the problem occurs only when I am at the home page of my blog. If I visit other pages the sidebars appear normal anyone who can help me out

    thanks in anticipation



    That’s how it usually works, and the reason is that there’s ONE post on your main page that’s just a little out of whack. It’s a pain, but you need to check them all.

    It could be an image too wide. It could be you’re pasting from Word or elsewhere on the web and picking up stray HTML tags that aren’t getting closed. It could also be that you’re using the MORE tag. If you’re using that tag at all, I’d bet that’s what it is. It has a tendency to split Div tags so half is on one side of the MORE and half on the other. Check those posts in the Code editor and just cut and paste the Divs so they’re on the same side of the MORE.

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