my right sidebar does not come up in his right place

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    My page “FI” has four categories to click as there is “BREEDERS”, “STUDS”, “LITTERS” and “PLANNED LITTERS”.
    In the categorie “STUD” the right sidebar does not come up on its correct place. The other three categories have the right sidebar on its correct place.
    Can anyone be so nice as to tell me, what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t find the page you are talking of but I imagine that you have some incorrectly formatted HTML in that page. Go to Settings > Writing and check the “automatically correct invalid HTML”. You may then need to edit the page. Make a small change like adding and then deleting a letter somewhere, re-save and then try viewing it again. If that does not work then post a link to the page in question and we can take a look.



    Hi, thanks a lot for your time. Unfortunately I could not find any mistake in the HTML. I looked it now several times. The URL of the incorrect page is:
    Actually the STUD page shows ok. Only the right sidebar stays below and does not come up. I really do not know whatelse I could try.
    I am very thankful, if you help me again.


    The page may show ok, but when you’ve got wrong HTML formatting tags in a post or a page, they affect the rest of the content displayed on the same webpage – in your case the sidebar.

    So just do what Luke suggested please, as the HTML of that page is a real mess: unnecessary tables, stray closing p tags, unclosed opening p tags, countless wrong li tags… (What are using to prepare your posts?)

    PS Next time you ask a question here, make sure you link to the right blog: the one you asked about is not the one linked to your username.



    I am very sorry, I bothered you so much. I am 72 years old and have learned to work with a computer. I could not learn it anywhere, because I have MS and sit always inside in a wheelchair.
    I could not follow the advice of Luke as I did not find after “Settings” and then “Writings” (so far I found it), “automatically correct invalid HTML”. It was just nowhere.
    But thanks for your time. I just leave it, as it is the same in the German page. It is always on ly in the STUD page.


    You’re welcome, and sorry if I gave the impression you “bothered me so much”.

    Please try again: when you click “Writing” under “Settings” in your dashboard sidebar, the screen that shows up should include “Size of the post box”, “Formatting“, “Default Post Category”, etc. Next to “Formatting” there should be the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”: check the box, click “Save Changes”, then edit and update the problem page.



    Hello, I did it, but it stays like it was. The right sidebar menu stays down.
    I also did it for the DECKRUEDEN page in the German part of In both pages the same result: the sidebar menu stays down.
    The HTML looks very different. If I ever have to change things, I will get into troubles as it is all written one after the other.Looks like “letter porridge” to me. Due to MS I am nearly blind and need actually a clear layout. I guess, I cannot change this and have somehow to cope with it.
    Do you think it could help, if I give you my password?
    Thankful greetings,


    Er… yes, of course I would be able to correct the problem if I had access to your dashboard. But you shouldn’t trust anyone with your password; better contact staff:



    Why, I trust all my life long everyone and was never disappointed. Can’t I trust you? And what could you want to do? ACD NEWS BLOG and ACD NACHRICHTEN BLOG is a blog in two languages with which I try to inform Australian Cattle Dog fans worldwide.about all kind of facts about the breed. Earlier I lived with my dogs and bred once ot twice a year. Over the years I got so much experience that I want to pass it on to young fanciers of the breed. This work on the computer is all what I still can (try to) do.

    It would be great, if you would find the mistake!!! Here is the password: [***password removed***]
    Cheers, Doris



    Hi panaghiotisadam, somehow I am glad, you could not bring up the sidebar too. Now I do not feel so stupid anymore, if a computer expert cannot solve the problem.
    Nevertheless thanks a lot for your time you spent on my problem.
    Cheers from Finland,


    I didn’t say I couldn’t solve the problem, I said it wasn’t right for me or anyone to have access to your dashboard.

    But since you insist, I went ahead and corrected it. Now please change your password before some nut sees it and messes with your blog.



    thank you very much. But now my link from the German page to the English page does not work anymore. It seems as if someone else broke in…Another question, where was my mistake which you repaired. I want to learn from my mistakes!Cheers, Doris


    You’re welcome.

    The chief mistake was that you had inserted a “nextpage” split between opening and closing tags for a table and a list item. I transferred the closing li tag before the nextpage tag and deleted the table tags altogether. All your table coding is unnecessary, as you don’t have any material in rows and columns. (And you don’t need li tags to create bullets either.)

    If by “link from the German page to the English page” you mean , it works.

    By the way, you have created a header tab that links to a page with that link on it. You can make the header tab itself link to the other blog – see here:



    Thank you very much. I am afraid the last sentence about the header, I do not understand at all, as I do not know where I have to put this sentence:
    But I found out, that sometimes wordpress is writing in red all the incorrect things I did. I hope they go on sending the different pages. I delete, my wrong HTM and copy the revised page and save it. That works marvellously.
    Enjoy the cominf X-mas time!


    • I think the red underlining is just for words the WP spell-checker doesn’t recognize, not HTML issues.

    • You don’t put anywhere: you consult it! Shows how to create a custom top menu. Your default top menu automatically displays tabs that link to all your static pages. A custom menu can display other tabs too, including tabs that link outside the blog.



    Thanks, but I tried to install CUSTOM MENU with the most disgusting results. The header got distorted dimensions, you could not recognize it anymore and whatever I installed to the cutom menu showed up on the header. When that was such a mess, I decided to ignore this menu and only put static pages there as the content will never really change. The articles etc. I put to the sidebars.There are nevertheless some links outside of my blog.
    I am sorry, that I am of no use with this computer work. I feel like someone who suddenly shall fly a big aeroplane and has no idea how to do it.The whole computer is one big puzzle. I do that only because of the dogs.
    And here is noone whom I could ask or could help me. Homestly I am afraid of the computer. Any wild animal would come on my lap and cuddle before I feel sympathy for computer work.Technique does not belong to my faourite work. You are probably a child of this computer age and think I am nuts. When you played computer games, I studied old languages like Latin and were interested in all kind of sciences.
    Never generations have been so apart like our’s.
    Greetings from snowy Finland, Doris



    We Volunteers are not in a position where we wish to obtain log-in information from members and set up blogs for them. We provide basic instructions and point member’s to support documentation and helpful articles. There is a learning curve involved and each member has to read the information we point to and master it.



    Hi, that’s very nice. But your explanation sound as if you think 8 sentences and write half of the ninth one. For someone of my age, born in the last century in 1938, where personal computers did not even existed as an idea, its impossible to learn from your articles. But don’t worry, my generation is soon dieing off….



    I am a baby boomer and your attempt to manipulate me with your ageism is utterly unacceptable. I don’t five a flying fig leaf when it comes to how old anyone is. We humans can learn new things right up until we die and that’s a fact.



    Sorry, I only learned “Kings English” at school. I am not familiar with American slang,
    Do you feel ready to learn old Greece or Latin? I regret that I will not know you, when you are old. I would love to see, how clever you are then when you might have MS in the last stadium, lame on the whole right side, typing with two still moveable fingers and after you were one year in koma. Really a pity, but there might be others who treat you then like you treat nowadays old and handicapped people.

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