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My RSS feed doesn't work

  1. Hi.

    Ihope you can help me with this problem. The RSS feed on my blog doesn't work anymore. if i go to the feed for the posts it shows nothing. But the comments feed still works.
    Could it be related to that i for a while ago started to use windows live writer? But now even if i post from the website it still don't shows in teh feed.

    check out the blog at and help me if you can?

  2. The error page says it contains code errors. Clicking on "more information" gave me this:

    Reference to undefined entity 'ouml'.
     Line: 190 Character: 37
       <media:title type="html">Rep inför vt08 2008-01-20 003</media:title>
  3. ok. so how do i fix it?

  4. It's a bug. Thanks for the report, we'll look into it.

  5. Hi my feed has stopped working aswell, can you have a look into it.


  6. zenhiser: can you contact support with a description of the problem please? I can't see anything wrong with your feed.

  7. how can we get rss feed from a site?
    ie. what is the rss feed of
    I have tried but it does not work

    there's a whole bunch of rss urls for you to choose from there.

  9. thank you
    but i found it before

    now i want to put the veiwers numbers when site is open, can i do it

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