My school figured out who I was… How?

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    My school figured out who I was, and I can’t figure out how they could have decided correctly that it was me. I didn’t post any personal information and the email I used wasn’t through the school, it was personal.

    The blog I need help with is


    The trials and tribulations of a Longwood Transfer Student!

    Your first mistake was using the school’s real name. That narrows it down from a possibly 6 billion people to the population of your school.

    If having a blog is going to be a problem, make this one “Private”, then create an entirely new account and blog. If you want readers, but not people you know, don’t give out the address to anyone. Don’t use place names, even the name of the city you’re in.

    You could also delete all of the material from your original blog — the one the school knows about — and turn it into something totally innocuous, like a photo blog.

    Just keep in mind, ‘anonymous’ is very difficult.


    Not that any of this is an issue for this technical support forum, but have you ever logged in from school, either on your computer or one of theirs?

    How many of your friends and family know the site is yours?


    @teeseeay: I just saw your tags, you should know that WordPress did not narc on you… also, this is your About Page:

    I’m a transfer student.
    I’m a junior in college.
    I go to Longwood University.

    Honestly, you’re leaving a lot of personal stuff on your blog that could identify you…

    People / groups / organizations / schools often set up “Google Alerts” so that when someone publishes material using keywords, like “Longwood U.”, they get an email with the link.

    Someone searching Google for Longwood could also find your blog.

    If you want to be anonymous, you might want to start over. Or just go with it.



    Also, the number one way is you told somebody you had a new blog, they found it, and they told someone else or put it on Facebook, “Look at my friend’s new blog.” Easy.

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