My self-hosted WordPress blog is not updating on Reader

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    Our is a self-hosted WordPress website. We have a corresponding account used for Akismet, Jetpack and for using the Reader.

    For the third time in a month or so, WordPress Reader (both app and in browsers) has stopped updating the feed from We’re not just talking one post and a few hours, we’re talking all posts since days ago – 4/5 days now.

    The first time this was apparently fixed by happiness engineer James Huff, but it has re-occurred twice.

    We quite understand that self-hosted sites are lower priority in updating feeds, and that not paying a fee for Jetpack etc means we’re lower priority in support, but this appears to be a gremlin in the systems/software – unless of course for some reason we’ve been marked out for use of your dark arts!.

    Whatever, as a growing proportion of our followers are through WordPress Reader, and almost all our engagement, and that a significant proportion appear to prefer not receiving notifications of new posts (that is in fact our own preference) this problem is of growing concern to us, since by the time our blogs our appear, they are so far back few will read them.

    We have been considering whether to pay for WordPress services, but are (a) unsure what services would be best bearing in mind we have five self-hosted (and one sites, the principal of which is ; and (b) whether paying for services will in any way help with this problem.

    The blog I need help with is


    Well, we’ve taken out a Personal plan, so with Priority support, let’s see if that makes a difference.

    #2839441 displays correctly
    (That’s from the dashboard, Blog Posts view does not display correctly
    That’s the > Followed Sites view

    Please please, I’m now paying for priority support, but I’m not getting any support at all yet.

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